CSS Obfuscator (pure CSS) Cate


CSS Obfuscator is an unique way to protect your stylesheets from theft. Actually, it doesn't protects sheets from stealing, because it's not really possible in the web technology.

So how it works?

This software will transform your stylesheets in a way, no one will want to modify them. They can steal it, but who wants to use (and adjust) stylesheet, which looks like if it's made of the worst coder in the universe? Got it? Try it!

If you think the older JS version of obfuscator is better, you can still use it here.

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What it does not do:

  • It will not speed up displaying of your web.
  • It will not compress your stylesheets.
  • It will not hide CSS rules in inspector (developer's tools).

Want the JS version of the obfuscator?